5 Ways A Quality Website Can Grow Your Business

April 9, 2019



In our digital world, having a strong online presence can be key to building your business. As consumers turn to the Internet for nearly any reason, having a website that represents our brand can allow us to expand significantly. Digital representation is hugely important for countless reasons, but today, we’ll be diving into the 5 biggest ways that a fully developed professional website can grow our business.

The first, and probably biggest, way that having a strong website helps our business is that we put our brand on a much bigger platform. A business that relies solely on its physical storefront and has no online presence will only attract business from the immediate geographic area. You may be able to attract customers that drive past, or stop in for a consultation, but you’re severely limiting yourself if that’s the only source of customers you can attract. Imagine instead that you could be servicing customers from Oregon, Nebraska, Hawaii, and even London, all at once. Well, you easily can, if you have a professional website. The Internet allows for a user anywhere to access the same information and resources. That means that anyone who searches for your business can access it. This in turn grows your customer base, breaking the limits that geography used to place on business growth.

The second way that a professional website can grow your business is by expanding and solidifying your brand. Every company needs to have a brand; the way they operate, the products or services they provide, and the manner they provide them in. This is crucial in building a trust with your customers, as well as streamlining all operations and expansion plans. Having a professional website allows us to build this brand stronger, because our website is simply a digital extension of our business. A professional website should have the key features and strengths of your company’s brand at the forefront. If this is accomplished, any customer visiting your site will immediately build an understanding of your business. This builds trust, which in turns brings customers back again and again, which is key to our business growing.

Third, we have the internet’s ability to provide new forms of marketing. Marketing is a practice that has been around for centuries, if not millennia, and has always been integral to a business’s success. The Internet has ushered in a whole new era of marketing, and a professional website will help us tap into all of the lucrative business that can be found there. Online marketing can look a few different ways. The most straightforward is putting advertisements on other web-pages, which can be most easily done through Google’s Adsense program. The Adsense program allows for you to place advertisements that directly lead from one website to your own. With a professional website, Google will place a higher priority, because more visitors will be willing to spend time viewing and using your site. Aside from using embedded advertising in other web-pages, the Internet also allows for the propagation of various links through social media and other ‘word of mouth’ means. Having a well-developed and interesting web-page will undoubtedly draw attention, and this attention can be spread further on social media, garnering more and more business for your company.

The fourth way that a professional website can help business is by building a solid reputation for your company. Similar to how our brand appeals to our customers, we also want to have a professional reputation for other important business dealings. Not every interaction that we have as a business involves our customers. We also have to appeal to potential employees and investors. A professional website will attract these people, making it more likely that we will earn their patronage or their work. In either case, a polished website that clearly communicates our business practices will surely draw the attention of future business partners. We wouldn’t want to scare off an investor because our site is hard to navigate, and for that reason, a professional website is the way to go.

The fifth and final manner in which strong websites can grow their businesses is in their cost-effectiveness. Building an online presence costs money, of course. But it’s important to compare the opportunity costs of working on a solely physical storefront versus adding online focus. Yes, the professional website will require hiring (or doing your own) graphic design work, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. If you only focus on a physical location, you miss out on all of the benefits that have been covered in this blog post, which means we will lose out on all of these great boosts to our business. On the other hand, if we build up a strong digital presence, we may have some financial costs, but the cost per customer is significantly greater due to the high traffic seen on the Internet. Therefore, the cost-effectiveness of the professional website is a significant boost to our business.

The development of our business will be greatly helped by building a professional website to represent us online. From how many customers we interact with, to how we present ourselves to them, to getting the word out and bringing investors in, all for an effective price, a professional website is the superior way to push our business to greater and greater success.

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