The Anatomy Of A Perfect Sales Page

May 28, 2019



Our websites have been carefully crafted from start to finish in order to strengthen our business. We’ve represented our brands, marketed ourselves effectively, and spread the word on social media. The final step we want to take now is making the sale, and our sales page has to be that final net that really brings home the purchase for our company. In today’s blog post, we’ll be diving into the key features that your sales page needs to convert visitors into buyers.

Marketing Towards Your Audience

When you’re selling your product to anyone, you have to make sure that they’re in an environment conducive to the purchase. By this, we mean that we want to make our customers comfortable enough to actually follow through with the deal. In our physical storefronts, we make design choices constantly in an effort to make our audience feel more at home. Think of the music that we play over the speakers, or the layout of the shelves, or even the color the building is painted. These are all conscious decisions that are made to invite customers in and make it easier to sell to them, and the same concept absolutely applies to our digital marketplaces too.

What do these decisions look like in an online sales page? We already mentioned the color the store is painted, and the color scheme of the website should be thought of exactly the same way. A simple and inviting color scheme works best, and for this we oftentimes recommend a nice warm palette, consisting of mostly neutral colors with accents that match your brand’s logo. You want to avoid anything too garish, while also staying away from being only black and white. It can be difficult at times to find the colors that are at that happy middle pattern, but it’s worth the effort. Graphic designers and other web development professionals are a great resource if this proves to be continuously a challenge for your site.

Other aspects that can invite an audience in are the layout of the page and the images you use to accent your products. Making a page interesting to your specific audience will help greatly in finalizing a sale. This means making the page lively with pictures and written content that appeals to your given audience, as well as making things clear for how to actually complete the purchase, but we’ll dive deeper into that in later sections of this post.

Proper Pricing and Fees

As business owners, pricing of products and services is among the most challenging things you’ll have to work out to draw in the most customers. There are tons of things that we need to take into consideration to set our prices, including supply and demand, the costs of production, competition, and shipping, to name only a few. Being online helps us with some aspects of this, and presents new pricing opportunities. For example, the stocking of a physical storefront versus an online store take different forms, as you have to keep the physical goods constantly presentable and visible to customers. This is a recurring expense that online stores are able to minimize thanks to their ability to store goods in bulk, away from the eyes of customers. Being behind the scenes like this enables a lower price. This is the reason Amazon has found such success with their online marketplace. As you figure out your prices, you’ll be able to better attract online buyers.

A unique addition that online stores have to face for making sales are the inclusion of shipping fees for physical goods. Now that someone has bought a product on our website, they have to receive it, and since they aren’t just bagging it up and walking home with it, an additional shipping fee will be included. This is something that you can oftentimes work out with the shipping service you’re using, but as you scale up, you’ll want to constantly balance this shipping fee. A powerful tool you have is offering a zero shipping fee sale. Online buyers will leap at the opportunity to make a purchase that seems to be a good deal for them, which opens the door for markups and other powerful pricing maneuvers to help grow your profits.

Product Presentation and Descriptions

Site layout is something we’ve covered in multiple other blog posts, and it will always be important to your site’s success. Making sure a customer can easily navigate throughout one single page, as well as between pages, is huge for your managing customers and guiding them to the final sale. There’s not a single audience out there that wants to hunt for what to do next, so making it easy for them to find their way will help to make a sale every time. Making sure that any image of your products includes a link to the purchase page will make it easy on any customer to find their way from the marketing of an image to the sales page.

Once they’re at the sales page, they need to understand exactly what they’re buying. Having a well-written and interesting description of a product is sure to bring them in for the final step. Even more effective can be the inclusion of testimonials, where you include actual reviews written by other shoppers, in order to build trust with buyers and really convince them that your business is worthy of their purchase.

Multiple Calls to Action

The last, and possibly most important, thing to consider when building a sales page is to constantly be selling your goods. When you’re meeting a client or buyer in real life, every dialogue you have is a sales pitch. You’re always building your rapport with the customer and offering to finish the sale, and your online sales page should be the same. You need to have many different “Purchase” buttons, always trying to grab the attention of your customer. Of course, you have to avoid being too overbearing, but at the same time you want to always be inviting them to give you their money as you complete the purchase. This can be hard to accomplish, but luckily there are experienced web designers who can help you with this process. We here at DigiFox have build many different sales pages, and if you’re ready to start your project with us, just scroll to the top of this page and hit “Start Your Project” to work with us and build a sales page that is certain to finalize any sale.

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