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June 4, 2019



We here at DigiFox Studios offer a variety of different services, and we take great pride in helping our clients with whatever specific needs they may have. As a web development and digital marketing company, our main jurisdiction is online, but with the massive scope of the Internet, it’s easy to overlook or miss out on some key opportunities that we can help your business take advantage of. To better help you as a business understand how we can work together, this blog post will dive into 5 different and important services that we can help you with.

Before we dive into the specific model, we’ll add just a word on our blog. This blog post is one of many hosted on our site, digifox.us. Every week, we dive into a different topic relating to web development or online business practices and analyze different aspects of the topics. These have included how to create a sales page, and how to effectively market your business online. These blog posts are intended to be educational and offer some very introductory guidance to help lay the groundwork for your business’s online presence. That’s not to say they’re basic posts; rather, they efficiently lay out some rather complex ideas that web developers like us often grapple with in simpler terms, enabling you as a business owner to understand and pay attention to issues that may otherwise escape your realm of experience.

Website Design & Development

Having a professional website will advance your business in countless ways. In this digital age of information, customers around the globe turn to the Internet to find the goods and services they need. By building a website that can properly bring in and retain these customers, you will find your market share growing larger and larger. The actual process of web development can be daunting, however. There are a lot of components of a website that need great attention, from the technical aspects of building the site to the design features that need to be perfected. That’s why working with a professional developer can help escalate your business with minimal headache on your part. We have worked with many businesses across the country, and we would love to help take your site to the next level.

Maybe your business’s website needs a total makeover, or maybe it doesn’t have one in the first place. Our website development packages can help to solidify your digital presence and make sure that your company is well represented online, which is key to expanding your audience and income. Our development process really focuses on working closely with you, the owners, as we make sure that your website is a true reflection of your business. This includes focusing on your brand, your audience, your content, and your online marketplace. The more we interact and put our heads together, the better the final product will be, and that will make all parties happier.

Social Media Marketing

We brushed on this topic earlier regarding your company’s branding, but the way you’re marketed online plays a big role in how many people actually interact and get to know your company. Creating online content that can attract attention and generate more clicks will directly lead to more customers for your business, and staying active with your digital marketing will make sure that your business always stays in the eyes of customers. By working with us here at DigiFox, you can take some of this effort off of your own plate by allowing us to create and manage your online marketing campaigns. As we carry the load of some of the more intricate details, you are able to focus your efforts on expanding your business in other ways while we work on bringing in more customers to see those changes you’re making. We can use our expertise in graphic design, content creation, and online business practices to ensure that your business is properly represented on social media and across the whole web. We use these skills to create advertisements that attract and inform customers, building a larger customer base for your company. Additionally, we can help to plan and coordinate certain promotions and events for your business to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization refers to the concept of ensuring your website appears higher up on Google searches and other online search engines. We do have some blog posts relating to this topic, but by joining into an individual business plan with DigiFox, we can work hand in hand to ensure that your site properly matches all of the requirements for a top search engine result. Oftentimes customers don’t find a company’s website by directly looking for the company itself, but rather by searching for the industry of the company, and the business’s site appearing higher up on the search. A site will appear higher up on Google if the content and certain keywords frequently used in the site match the Google search. Additionally, some metadata of the site and the location of your business helps to elevate a site’s location on a search query. Most of our work in this field goes hand in hand with our web development packages, and all of our sites are built with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

We touched earlier on our usage of blog posts to help advise businesses. However, these blog posts do have another great benefit: they help with SEO too. Blog posts are a great way to continue adding relevant content to your web-page. This actually works as a form of marketing for you. If you have a blog on your website with a post on a specific topic, then that blog post can show up in a Google search. This provides another way for potential customers to visit your site, which is the ultimate goal of your online presence. Having another route to your website can help to strengthen your SEO, and with more blog posts, you’ll gain more customers. We actually do offer packages where we advise or will even take over blog post creation for your website.


Your company has a unique and interesting personality, and strengthening this is one of the most important things that you can accomplish as a business owner. We have numerous blog posts that tackle this challenge, and we here at DigiFox have garnered quite a lot of experience with this practice over time. We offer both advise and partnerships to help your business with your branding as you grow online. Your identity and practices are unique, and you need to convey these online in order to relate to your audience.

As we move into even more advanced and modern trends for branding, it becomes important to keep your brand up to date. We offer packages to re-brand your company. This includes working with graphic designers to make a new modern logo, working with photographers to make advertisements, and countless other specialists to truly bring your brand to the most advanced stage it can be. Of course, your brand needs to be consistent between your online and offline company, and for that reason we work with you and our experts to make sure that there’s always a clear connection between your physical storefront and advertising and your digital representation.

Digital Consulting

Your business is a unique entity, and your needs aren’t the same as any other business in the same space. Every single one of our plans pays attention to this, and we make sure to keep constant correspondence with you to make sure that you are always satisfied with the features we are working on for your business. Still, you may have certain needs that don’t fall into any of the general plans listed above. That doesn’t mean that we can’t help you with your digital needs. In fact, our online correspondence will always focus on new ideas and opportunities to strengthen your business. Whether you want broad help with your site’s efficiency, or have an extremely specific request, you can always reach out to us and schedule a meeting to work with you and solidify your digital business. The first meeting is always free, and can cover any topics that you may want to discuss with us as we offer our professional advice. From this first meeting, we start to build that relationship with you as a company and business owner, and we can continue working together moving forward, whether that be through a web development or marketing standpoint. Interested in setting up that first meeting and building a professional site with us? Just click on Start a Project to contact us and schedule a time, and we can get the ball rolling on your business’s online expansion today.

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