How To Leverage Your 'Google My Business' Page

February 26, 2019



One of the best ways to gain exposure for your business on Google's search rankings is through a 'My Business' page. Essentially what this is is a snippet in the search results that provides information and photos about your business. For example, if I look up DigiFox Studios on Google, it will pop up and show our business hours, contact info, location, and reviews. However, most people don't realize just how impactful this simple tool can be! But where do you start? Lets dive into that first.

Before we get started, Google My Business is a free tool that will not directly impact your website aside from leading visitors there. This means that there is no code you need to add to have this functionality - it is a standalone component of your business.

In order to start updating and adding information to your Google My Business page, you need to claim it. This means that Google needs to verify that your business exists. To test if your GMB listing is already there, type in your business's name and if it pulls up a knowledge panel regarding your business, then it is. Otherwise, you can click "Add location" and that will prompt you to enter your business name and information.

Customer reviews on Google also play a role in how your GMB page is listed in the rankings. Simply, good reviews will boost your ranking, so part of your business's goals may include capitalizing on customer testimonials and reviews.

Uploading photos will also help rank your GMB page. In today's age, images are everything. As humans are visual learners (as discussed in the previous blog post), our eyes tend to be drawn to attractive visuals and imagery. Through customer uploaded photos and owner uploaded photos, your GMB will depict your business and it's brand through the listings.

What if my business has multiple locations? Luckily, it's possible to add multiple locations for your business. However, you will need to create a new GMB for each location, and they won't be tied together in any fashion aside from the account used to create them.

That's essentially the know-how of Google's My Business! Using these tips to create and optimize your listing will result in higher rankings and better reputability. So why wait? It's free, relatively easy, and drives traffic directly to your website and business!

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