How Much Should A Website Cost?

June 11, 2019



Last week, we explained the various different packages we offer at DigiFox, from website design, to digital marketing, to branding work. These different packages all revolve around an individual’s needs, as no two companies will require the same type of assistance or work done. For this reason, we heavily focus on our individual pricing plans at DigiFox. We don’t charge an hourly rate, and we don’t have a set price that is take it or leave it. Rather, we talk to every client through repeated correspondence and make sure that we understand every single step that needs to be taken to make your goals come true. From there, we are able to nail down a price and move forward from there. In this blog post, we will lay out some of the thinking and guidelines we follow when offering prices.

Website Design & Development

The primary service we offer at DigiFox Studios is the designing and developing of websites. Oftentimes, the features that you want your site to have are unique, and one website will look vastly different from another, both in terms of graphic design and functionality. For this reason, having one set price doesn’t really make sense. That’s why we start our correspondence off by just learning exactly what you’re looking for, then jump into what the prices for the various requested features would be. This allows you to maximize the value and understand exactly what you’re paying for. The starting price for any basic website is in the $4000 range, with potential variations based on requested features such as calendars and other interactive content. If you are looking to have an e-commerce site, like a digital marketplace to sell your goods, the price starts at $8000 due to different security measures, as well as the overall scope of the site. Having a fully functional storefront online can help you make massive sales, so it quickly proves to be well worth the price.

Additionally, DigiFox can take care of any website hosting needs. We do this to take additional stress off of your plate as we manage the upkeep of your site and make sure it’s always visible online. We charge a simple flat monthly fee, and the rest of the work is done on our end.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing is one of the longer-term jobs we offer at DigiFox. An effective marketing campaign requires upkeep and work over time, and the longer you work on your online presence, the stronger your brand grows. This is the overall goal of marketing, and with our graphic design and social networking work at DigiFox, we are able to consistently create new content for your company. The pricing for this also varies based on the needs of your business. Some marketing campaigns only focus on social media posts, which can be paid for rather easily. We also offer other marketing campaigns, however, such as event planning and promotions for your brand. These are extremely effective at reaching out to customers, but they require more work on every end, so there is a greater price than being strictly online. Still, the benefits often outweigh the cost. The beginning price for social media marketing over a period of time is $99/month. With this package, you will get frequent social media posts and other work with influencers to grow your brand online. As with any other package, more advanced features such as customized content and other advertising strategies can see an increase in cost as well as benefit for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is oftentimes one of the simpler projects we offer. While other work relates to the nuts & bolts or the design of your web-page and brand, SEO is solely focused on the content and metadata of your website. This oftentimes boils down to the things that you’ve written on your site and where your business has physical locations. Just because it’s a simpler process doesn’t mean it’s easy, of course, but the total length of the project doesn’t compare to that of designing a whole website from the ground up. For this reason, SEO projects will usually have a much more affordable payment plan offered, which will be determined as we start to dive into the specifics of your content and search result data. SEO services start at $99 for a project. If your site is particularly large and full of content, we may require more work to optimize it, and as such, the charge may increase. It’s important to note that any web design project you undertake with us will already have SEO in mind, so you will not have to pay any extra for the website we design for you to be optimized for search engines.


An important move for any business is branding, or even rebranding to keep your company up to date. As technology progresses and various trends change across culture, certain aspects of your brand, from your logo to your tagline, will start to seem outdated. That’s where we come in, helping to redesign your digital brand and help you rejuvenate your brand. This graphic design work requires a lot of correspondence with you as the business owner. We have to make sure you are completely satisfied with the final product and are proud to have it represent your business. As we figure out exactly what you’re looking for with your new design, we will also discuss the pricing. Think of our branding package like an A la Carte menu of services. Some branding projects have focused on redesigning your website. Some have focused on creating a new logo or tagline. Some have focused on all of the above, and even more features. We purposely keep our branding deals very broad, because your brand needs to encompass so every aspect of your business. With this in mind, the branding package has a lot variation in pricing based on what help you need the most. Through our interactions, we will learn exactly what aspects of your brand needs to be worked on, and that is how we will come to a fair price together.

Digital Consulting

The last major service we offer is digital consulting. Put simply, we offer to advise and help with any issues your company is facing online, big or small. Whenever you reach out to us with a question, we will always answer free of charge in order to build that relationship with you and help you get your business on the right track. From there, we can continue working together, answering and troubleshooting any issues you may be facing. Our digital consultation is meant to be more of a starting place than a fully fleshed out project with you. We will help you to grow your site and fix anything else you need help with, and as we work together, we may find other packages that interest you. We always want to build a solid relationship with our clients and help you to make the best website you can, whether you sign up for a full web design project with us, or simply have a question that needs urgent attention.

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