How To Write Quality Content

March 26, 2019



Online content is steadily becoming the most consumed media in the world. Our daily lives are filled with screen time, and audiences are always searching for the next article to read or social media post to like. Regardless of what field or topic a consumer is looking into, the internet is likely the consumer’s first place to check. As businesses, our goal is to ensure that when a consumer goes online, they find and read our content. By creating interesting and valuable digital media, we can build a customer base and build credibility, which is crucial in bringing in traffic and subsequent profit. In this blog post, we’ll go into the proper ways to make our online content compelling.

Why exactly does our online content need to be interesting? Because as businesses, we rely on our customers to bring in profit. In an online marketplace, this is accomplished through two main methods. First, we rely on straight up monetary transactions, similar to any other store. If our business model does operate on this principal, then that requires us to have a good or service that is polished and valuable enough to actually earn a buyer’s money. This is easier said than done. Selling goods online requires us to have a well-organized digital store, as well as goods worth selling (see March 18th blog post “How to Succeed in E-Commerce” for more on this).

On the other hand, if we offer services on our web page, such as a subscription-based advice service or a delivery service, to name a few, then we have to ensure that the online content we are providing is valuable. A visitor to our web page won’t want to subscribe to us if we provide articles or services that aren’t of interest or relevance to them. For this reason, we have to produce and curate our work to satisfy our customers to the point of earning their purchase.

To create digital media that draws in users, we have to start with the basics. The first thing we need to decide in our online business is the same as we’d look at in a physical storefront: who is our target audience? We can’t be building our page aimlessly, and our brand is extremely important to us. If we know our target buyers are young adults, then our content has to be built with that in mind, or else our final product will be ineffective, regardless of its quality.

There are two main aspects of digital content that we want to ensure are pristine before publishing. We already discussed the appearance and polish of our content, but the substance is of equal importance. To keep bringing our viewers back, we need to regularly enrich their lives by providing relevant content. So first, we need to ensure that the content truly does have enough substance to warrant a full read through, while also bringing customers back for more. This is accomplished by combining thorough research with an appropriate message and tone.

We’ve already selected our target audience, so we know how we want to sound to our readers. Do we want to sound casual or serious? Do we want our content to be philosophical or practical? These questions are important to keep in mind throughout the entire writing process. We can’t switch up our style halfway through our web page, or else we risk losing the interest or even confusing our readers. Additionally, we want to include certain keywords in our content, often times repeatedly. This serves multiple purposes. First, it ensures that our readers are constantly aware of what our content is explaining, similar to a thesis. Second, it helps bring in more traffic through search engines. Engines like Google uses bots known as ‘crawlers’ to constantly read through the internet and record keywords found on any webpage. They then add the web page to a database, along with the typical audience that views said page. It is from this database that a web page is pulled from whenever someone enters a Google search. By using frequent and relevant keywords in our articles, we can put ourselves in more Google searches, and bring in more web traffic and users. (I’ve put certain keywords in bold for the remainder of the blog post to illustrate this idea).

Research is also important to creating content that earns more traffic. We rely on consumers visiting our webpage to earn our income. This can only be done if the user actually gains something from our page. Our brand will find greater value if we manage to create content that is grounded in facts and actually helps our visitors in some way. For example, if we are providing advice for some project such as plumbing, we can’t be giving misinformation to our readers. Instead, we must do our due diligence and create media that will actually provide assistance and earn the patronage of our visitors.

Ultimately, we see how building our online brand relies on our content being interesting and relevant to our visitors. Imagine our content is like the food from a restaurant. If we create interesting content, but it’s full of errors and is sloppily presented, then our viewers might not stay around long enough to even experience our brand, especially considering that on the internet, another page is only a click away. On the other hand, if we create a beautiful web page, but it holds nothing of interest, then a visitor will quickly grow bored and leave, uninterested in coming back. Therefore, we need to make our page the perfect combination of these things. A beautiful page that actually contains interesting content is certain to bring viewers back, so long as it’s updated regularly. Our digital media is a crucial tool in building our brand, so make sure we build it the best that we can.

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