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Design & Development

At Digifox Studios, we transform business websites into digital experiences. A truly innovative website shares your story, attracts new visitors, and keeps them engaged. Your site captures attention through valuable content, a unique design, and being optimized for every browser and screen size. A combination of these front end elements and behind the scenes work such as SEO, seamless functionality, and a robust content management system creates a website that is built to perform for you and your visitors. Continue scrolling to learn how we help our clients find success online.


Finding avenues of opportunity to lead your visitors to the content that is valuable to them, all while maintaining a clear focus on your business' mission and goals

Responsive Design

With modern devices, having a website that can scale across all different sized devices not only retains engagement, but allows for higher ranking in search engine listings

Search Engine Optimization

A variety of metrics including keywords, responsive design, and proper sitemaps allow for search engine crawlers to scan your site and allow your visitors to find you with ease

Content Management System

Static websites are no more! With our robust content management system our clients are able to publish content and marketing material without expert support

The Digifox Process

As with any successful campaign, detailed plans and timelines are crucial to developing quality work and delivering projects that not only satisfy the client, but allow us to take special pride in our work! Below you'll find the steps we take to ensure satisfaction of our work and most importantly allow creative feedback and demonstration to stay on the same page as our clients.

Strategy Meeting

Before our designers get to crafting your new website, we sit down with you to review your goals, target audience, and products and/or services. We'll discuss other features as well, such as contact forms, calendars, and other ways your visitors will interact with your website.

Custom Design

After this meeting, our team of thinkers and designers will get to work creating the look and feel of your site after researching UX design trends and competitors to give your business an edge. Our design approach maintains a clear focus of your goals and your audience.

Design Review & Feedback

After initial design creation, we communicate directly with you to create the website that works best for you. This step encompasses the design parameters for pages and each element that transforms your site into a digital experience your customers won't want to miss out on.


Once we have a clear plan and timeline in place, we get to work crafting up the website you've been waiting for. We often see industry standard practices that take months to develop a website, but that's not the case with Digifox Studios. Using the information and feedback we've received above, we know exactly what we're building and how we're building it. You can generally expect a development phase of two to three weeks depending on the size of the project, but we keep you updated every step of the way.

Publishing & Finalization

Now that the site is developed and we're ready to see your business prosper, we communicate with you to hook up your domain and hosting to get your site online. We like to use this phase to get your feedback on how we can improve our business and help you with any other questions you may have about taking your business to the next level, digitally.

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