Additional Services

Additional Services

We're not just a web design studio, we help grow your business through a variety of services to get you on your way. So many times have we heard the horror stories of business owners juggling multiple tasks at once when they could be streamlined and simplified. That's where we come in, we're here to help the process of updating an existing business or create new ones with as little hassle as possible.

Graphic Design

From your logo, to eye catching promotional material, having a graphic designer you can trust is crucial to your business. Whether it's your business's website, promotional material like business cards and flyers, or branded products, the visual appeal of your brand can help earn new customers and keep current ones excited. How can we make that even better? By centralizing these critical services to maintain consistency and reduce your stress! We work with local professionals that are experienced in their respective fields and will provide the service you deserve.


Sure, logos and graphics are fantastic, but what about imagery? From portrayal of your business to integrating with the community, having photos that are unique to your business can help customers feel involved and appreciated. Our photography partners will provide exactly the images you need either on social media or your website.


In order to give your brand a personality, verbiage and linguistics of your content portrays alot about your business, and how you interact with your customers. You wouldn't expect the tone of a teenager using slang terminology to represent a bank, right? That's why our writers are perfect for any case scenario. Creating narratives and setting the tone for your brand are among the top concerns for our writers.

Social Media Boost

Alright! You have a business, a website, and promotional material, but what about direct connections with your customers? How are they going to share the amazing experience they had working with you, or ask questions? That's where social media comes into play. But that's not always enough. You need to garner the attention of your audience, and we here at DigiFox Studios can attract those visitors through our process of organically growing your social media accounts. We use a process called micro split testing to learn how to interact with your audience, and then optimize your account to lead them to check out your page and convert those visitors into customers!

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